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The benefits of choosing an adjustable bed

Electrically adjustable beds offer a number of important benefits to help reduce pain and increase comfort, independence and well-being – all helping to achieve that most important commodity – a good night’s sleep.

Erin Bed

A stylish addition to any bedroom, with its plush and elegant exterior

Telford Bed

With all the bennefits of our Erin Bed with the additional cut out sections to allow for hoist access

Milan Bed

The Milan has timeless timeless  cast iron and brass bed frame design.

Glencoe Bed

The Glencoe bed offers the very best combination of form and function

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View our selection of mattresses and headboards that will add style and comfort to your bed.

Benefits of adustable beds

May help to reduce back and neck pain

Our adjustable beds have been specially designed to give you the best possible night’s sleep. By slightly elevating your head and legs into the ‘contour’ position, you are likely to achieve a much deeper and more restful sleep, with stiffness in the lower back and neck reduced as this position supports the spine in a more natural position and alleviates pressure on the sciatic nerve.

May reduce snoring, sleep apnea and asthma

Snoring, sleep apnea and asthma can be reduced when the head of the bed is raised, as this position can help to improve air flow. Sinus pressure is also
reduced in this position.

Assists with digestion

Sleeping with the upper body in an elevated position may also assist in reducing heartburn and acid reflux and can aid the digestive process.

May improve circulation

Particularly beneficial for those who have limited mobility, the position of the bed can be adjusted during the night, helping to replicate the body’s natural repositioning action. This reduces extended periods of pressure on the same part of the body, promoting better blood flow and helping to prevent pressure ulcers (also called pressure sores).

Promotes independence

Having the ability to adjust one’s sleeping or sitting position with the touch of a button can greatly increase independence and a sense of wellbeing. Achieving a comfortable and fully supported upright seated position can help with eating and makes the act of watching TV or reading much more comfortable. Raising the backrest can also assist with getting into and out of bed.