Bath Lifts

Bath Lift features & benefits

*New Design* built on over 30 years experience

Our lightweight, fully removable unit has been expertly manufactured by the original creator of the Bath Lift in the UK.  This includes the latest technology, with your convenience and safety at the forefront.

1 hour installation

The patented, rechargeable battery allows for a simple installation with minimal disruption. The unsightly external transformers, which are typically used with competitor units, are gone. Our engineers are both fully insured and highly trained.

Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing bath

Our Channel Bath Lift lowers you slowly and comfortably allowing you total relaxation and the peace of mind you are in control.  Our Bath Lift also includes a FREE Glide Mat that helps keep you in the middle of the belt as you lower.

FREE home demonstration – No obligation

We pride ourselves on our caring, professional and relaxed home demonstration service.  A bespoke and detailed quotation will be left with you.  All you need to do is simply to come back to us if you wish to proceed with ordering.

Request a call back to book your FREE Home Demonstration

Step 1
Sit down

The Channel Bath Lift is designed on the concept of the old-fashioned bath board. Once the belt is at the top of the bath, the unit will take over and make the band taut, so that it is firm for you to sit.

Once the band is taut at the top of the bath, simply take a seat.



Step 2
Gently lower yourself down

Make yourself comfortable and then at the touch of a button lower yourself to the bottom of the bath.

As soon as you are ready, either press the down button on the unit or on the remote control to gently lower yourself to the bottom of the bath, you can adjust yourself at any point to make sure you are comfortable

Step 3

Once at the bottom of your bath relax and bathe as normal.

This is what it is all about – relaxing at the very bottom of your bath with nothing in the way to stop you from a deep soak. This is what Channel Bath Lift was invented for.

Step 4
Getting out with ease

When you are completely relaxed and rejuvenated just press the up button on the unit or remote control and the Bath Lift will ease you out of the water to the top again, as soon as the band is taut at the top of the bath again you can get off with ease.